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Business analysis for retail

Now a day’s huge amount of data is being captured at a rate never before seen in history of retail industry. The retailer’s goal is to translate that data into the meaningful insight so that they can make their decisions.

Data captured by retailers about the customers or even consumers who is connected with their retail operations can reveal a lot meaningful and systematic pattern of market -understanding their customer behavior, trend of sales, seasonality of products, customer segmentation, market basket and many more-to make a quick decisions. Although they may have many more decisions to make monthly, weekly and daily basis - sometimes on hourly basis— making the right decisions depends on knowing the answers to fundamental questions

  • How are we doing?
  • Why and what we are doing?
  • Why should we do in future?

Solutions in Retail analysis for Retailers

    Retail analysis solutions for marketing

    a. Are my marketing promotional offers increasing the store traffic?

    b. Is my mail campaign increasing the number of returning visitors?

    c. How to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn?

    d. Is my social media campaign affecting my customers?

    Retail analysis solutions for operations & sales

    a. Peak sales time to identify how much workforce/inventory is required?

    b. Effects of Seasonality affecting my business?

    c. What is the sales trend?

    d. Up sell & cross sell analysis?

Applications of analytics in retail

  • Cross sell and Up sell
  • Customer Retention
  • Life time value analysis (LTV)
  • Customer loyalty and churn analysis
  • Inventory optimization (SKU Optimization)
  • Sales Forecasting

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